I have bold dreams.


My dreams are bold and ready to turn into reality. I have a unique vision of the future.

I work to make my dreams happen. I put in the time, effort and thought into each of them.

I have big dreams that astound people.

My dreams begin with the knowledge about their possibility. I live my life on my own terms, so my dreams are unique.

The doors are open to let my dreams inside.

I express my dreams to the world, so everyone knows my plans. I am happy to share my ideas with others.

I stay focused on my dreams and work to make them come true. I know that it requires effort, but I am ready for it. I see the path to take as I walk toward my dreams. I hold the image of success in my mind, so I know my dreams are possible.

My soul is ready for my bold dreams.

I make my own reality by focusing on the future. I turn to the right tools and people to help me during this process. I use all of my resources to make my dreams real. I use positive thinking to avoid the creation of extra obstacles for my dreams.

Today, I see how my dreams shape my future. I have bold ideas about my life that matter.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I make my bold dreams come true?
  2. What can I do achieve my dreams while dealing with everyday responsibilities?
  3. How can I ensure others help me reach my dreams instead of interfere with them?