Jack Kerouac – We All Dream – Be Open to Yours!

Your dreams are an important part of your inspiration. Today, we’ll look at what the famous author Jack Kerouac has to say about dreams.

If you can imagine what you really want and allow your dreams to come to the surface of your mind, you can do great things!

You have the power to achieve the life you’ve always wanted, simply by opening your mind to the dreams you may have been afraid to dream in the past.

Words of Wisdom from Jack Kerouac:

“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” ~Jack Kerouac

Kerouac believed that having life dreams is a given for each of us. And because all humans dream, we’re connected to each other because of of having our own desires.

The occurrence of our dreams then is an intimate way that we can understand each other because we’re all engaging in the same type of thinking and imagining of what we can achieve in life.

How far can you go in imagining whatever you want in life?

It’s comforting to know that we all share the promise of dreaming up the existence we want.

Consider these suggestions to be open to your dreams:

  1. Tap in to what truly matters to you. Maybe your dream is to run your own business, travel the world, or own a piece of land with a modest home. Ponder your greatest wishes. 
  2. Make your life be an illustration of your fondest hopes. The best wish you can have for yourself is that, in your daily existence, you show yourself and others what your dreams are. In simplistic terms, live your dreams. 
  3. Encourage yourself to ponder your dreams daily. Think about the specifics of your life’s dreams sometime during your day, regardless of how busy you are. You can even do so at the same time several days a week. For example, if you get a break at work in the morning, you could use that time to think about your dreams. 
  4. Recognize that it’s human to have wishes and hopes. It’s never silly or childish to have dreams. As Kerouac has said, all humankind possesses their wishes and hopes for what they want their lives to be. The same goes for you. 
  5. Share your truest dreams out loud with someone. Hearing yourself speak about your dreams is inspiring and helps to clarify the goals you truly wish to pursue. Try it.


We’re all in this life together, dreaming our own personal magic within. The sooner you accept this concept, the easier it will be for you to allow yourself to be more forthcoming and open with yourself and others about what you yearn for.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn from Anne Campbell how you can choose your dream.

Here’s what you need to do today:

Open your calendar and schedule a short time in each day in which you can think about your dreams. Perhaps you would like to reflect on your dreams for a few minutes upon wakening or right before you go to sleep. This timing gives you the chance to either start or end your day on a highly positive note!