I can achieve my wildest dreams.


My accomplishments are a direct product of my effort. Some may dislike this train of thought because it requires hard work to achieve something worthwhile. But, I see this as a great opportunity to achieve my wildest dreams!

In the realm of success, dumb luck does not exist. Luck is formed when opportunity meets preparation. “Lucky” for me, I have been preparing for years and I actively chase down fitting opportunities.

I create my own luck because I am the driving force behind my success. If I want something, I create a strategic plan to attain my objective and implement it until I have reached my destination.

I firmly believe that each one of us is in control of our destiny. I refuse to settle for any situation simply because it is the hand that I have been dealt. When life gives me lemon, I throw them back!

In my life, when one door closes another one shall open. If that door is locked, I break it down and continue on my rightful path.

I am aware that success does not spring up overnight. I chip away at my goals once small piece at a time in order to ensure success.

I am my biggest competition. Each time I set out on a new road, I strive to beat my own record. I avoid comparing myself to others, because there simply is no comparison.

I am the person I have always wanted to be. And, this person is strong, determined and has his eyes set on an end-result that will ultimately be attained.

Today, I believe in myself. With determination, hard work and a whole lot of preparation, I can achieve my wildest dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my wildest dreams?
  2. How can I attain my most complex goals?
  3. How would someone other than me successfully achieve these goals?