Anne Campbell – Choose Your Dream

In the last lesson, you learned how everyone dreams. Your dreams are highly effective in giving you inspiration. Today, Anne Campbell’s wise words can bring you the realization that you get to choose your own dream. Yes, you can go after your heart’s desire!

Anne Campbell’s Words of Wisdom:

“You can plant a dream.” ~Anne Campbell

This short, simple saying packs a pretty big punch. One interpretation is that, regardless of where you are in life, you can illustrate your own picture of what you’d like your life to be like.

The quote implies that a dream doesn’t just come to you randomly. You can decide what your dream will be.

Plant your own dream by trying these tips:

  1. Make a decision about where you want to live. A huge part of cultivating your own dream is being in the place where you can make it happen.
  2. Ask if you’re in the job that you would choose now for yourself. What you spend your time doing each day is an important aspect of your life. Ensure that it’s fascinating and wonderful to you.
  3. Do what you love to do. What activities bring out your passion? Do you make time to do some of them each day? Planting your own dream means that you’ll allow yourself the time and opportunity to go after that which delivers anticipation, joy, and interest to you.
  4. Feed and water your dream. Arrange your life around what you want. Only then can you get past the planting stage. For example, perhaps you dream of becoming a golf pro, but the nearest golf course is 20 miles away. What could you do to make it easier for you to golf more often?

Planting your dream can be scary, exciting, and invigorating. It might also take some time and planning. However, when you acknowledge your own hopes, you’re one step closer to achieving and living them.

Unleash your passion for what you desire and create a life that truly brings you joy!

Your next lesson shows you how you can put aside those who try to stop your dream from coming true. See you there!

Here’s what you need to do today:

Determine one aspect that you desire to be present in your dreams of your most wonderful life. Choose this dream and spend time dreaming about it, planning it, and figuring out the steps that take you toward fulfilling this dream.