Walt Disney – Leave Fear Behind

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

This one short statement sums up well what can happen when we follow our dreams. His story is pretty inspiring, when it comes to truly living your dreams.

You’re probably familiar with Walt Disney. He was a famous business entrepreneur and cartoonist, who developed, wrote, produced, and directed his own television shorts, shows, and series, as well as cartoons and films, from 1927 until his death.

Disney was truly a dreamer as he came from humble beginnings in Chicago, rising to become one of the world’s most famous Americans. Disney no doubt began dreaming at a young age and continued doing so throughout his life.

Disney’s dreams are evident through the multitude of cartoon characters he created, with one of his first-developed characters being Mickey Mouse.

Indeed, because of his dreams, several venues were built around the world to spread his art, joy, and stories: Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disney, Euro Disney, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland.

The power and promise of dreaming is evident, not only throughout Walt Disney’s life, but long after his death in 1966. His brother, Roy, continued to live out Disney’s fantasies and plans for the future, and then Walt Disney’s surviving children and grandchildren have followed suit upon Roy’s death.

The incredible, depth, breadth, and reach into the future of Walt Disney’s dreams are true testaments to what can happen if you pursue your dreams.

In his quotation, Disney mentions courage as an integral precursor to bringing dreams to fruition. His statement illustrates that if you have the guts to go after what you want, you can make your dreams happen.

These strategies will help you follow those dreams:

  1. Have courage. Rather than be afraid, jump in with both feet. Be brave enough to set out to accomplish your goals. Expect to feel the anxiety and fear of casting caution to the wind, but continue forward anyway.
  2. Create a vision board. As your thoughts and dreams solidify, make a vision board that pictures all the things you dream about. Pick up a piece of poster board from your local discount store. Clip pictures from magazines or the newspaper that relate to your personal vision and glue them to the poster board. Write your comments and draw on it, too.
  3. Take action. Pursue whatever it is you want with a vengeance. Do something each day to move toward your desired goal. For example, read about your interest. Go to your local library and talk to the librarian about how to find information about it.
  4. Consider roadblocks as challenges. Expect to come upon obstacles to your goals. Remind yourself that figuring out how to navigate around the roadblocks will make achieving your goal that much sweeter.
  5. Keep your momentum going. When you believe that all your dreams can come true when you have courage and pursue them, you’ll be able to continue ahead with renewed strength and resolve.

Never underestimate your power to make your dreams come true. Think of Walt Disney, his life, and what great things continue to be developed because of his fantasies. If one man can accomplish all of that with his dreams, what can you do with yours?

In the next lesson, you’ll learn from Christopher Reeve how to make your dream inevitable.

Here’s what you need to do today:

Create a vision board that inspires you to go after your dreams. You’ll find a helpful article in your Additional Resources box that gives you tips for making an effective vision board and getting the most from it.