I know how to unleash the power behind my dreams.

Dreams have power. My dreams are important to me. They show me what I have and what I desire for my future.

To make my future into what I want it to be, I must follow my dreams. Each day I dream and work to make those dreams come true. Dreams are valuable in helping me to shape my future.

Each dream is separate, yet they are all connected. When I follow my dreams, I am happy. I radiate joy and love. People around me want this joy for themselves so I help them discover the power to make dreams come true. I like to help people and I want to see them happy. I bring great joy to others and myself.

I am brave and strong. I have the power to make things happen in my life. When I dream, I see the potential it has to change my future. I think about my dreams and I determine what I need to do in order to make them into reality. When I see my dreams as reality, I start working toward them more clearly. I avoid giving up on my dreams.

Every dream has value. I make my life into what I want through the power of my dreams, goals, and desires. My life is happy, fulfilled, and joyful. I change and adjust my life according to what I need and want. I am pleased with the direction my life is taking.

Today, I unleash my power to make my dreams come true.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to help dreams come true for others?
  2. How can I move more boldly toward the fulfillment of my dreams?
  3. Are there ways in which I can unleash more of my power?