Summary and Reflection

The quotations in this module are filled with compelling philosophies that can inspire you to dream:

  • Be open to your dreams.
  • Choose your dreams.
  • Nix the naysayers of your dreams.
  • Let go of fear and pursue your dreams.
  • Make your dream inevitable.

Continue advancing toward the sparkling existence you’d like to live. Take these sayings and learn what you will. Then, apply the tips immediately. When your mind is open to new or unexpected information, you increase your capacity to dream bigger.

Your dreams bring golden moments, inspiration, and incredible experiences. Visualize your best life and pursue it with all your might!

In the next module, we’ll hear from winners like Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, and more as they share words of wisdom about making your dreams come true.

“Do all you can to make your dreams come true.” ~Joel Osteen

Self-Reflection Exercises

Please download, print, and complete the Dare to Dream Worksheet from your Additional Resources box for this lesson. The self-reflection questions in this workbook will put you on the path to dreaming big dreams for a life you’ll love.