I am responsible for finding my own happiness.


Life is a peculiar mixture of happy and sad, positive and negative, boring and exhilarating. It is up to me to discover and follow my own path. My choices determine how my life journey progresses.

If I want to have joy in my life, I realize I must seek it out or create it for myself.

If something causes me pain and sorrow, I can take action and change my feelings regarding the situation. I know that even though life can be difficult, I am responsible for creating my existence. I must discover my own sense of contentment and peace.

If I want to dance, then I do it. If I want to work, then I do it. I make things happen. I see that people I love can do things that make me happy. But ultimately, I know I am the captain of my own ship.

This responsibility, rather than being weighty, actually brings a subtle confidence to me because I realize that I can change my existence.

I have the power to produce my own happiness.

Today, I remind myself that only I can make a difference in my own happiness. It is empowering to know that the control over my life belongs to me. As I think about this concept, possibilities surround me.

I can do whatever I want in life. I am responsible for discovering personal joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I live each day as if I am responsible for my happiness?
  2. Am I really happy? How do I know? If I am not happy, what can I do to change my circumstances?
  3. What will I do today to ensure I feel content and happy?