I take action.

I put my ideas into action. I trust my heart and move forward.

I hold myself accountable. I live up to the commitments I make to myself whether it is cutting back on calories or completing my college degree. I tell others about my plans so I am more likely to stick to them.

I simplify my life. I avoid commitments that interfere with my priorities.

I live in the moment. I focus on what I can do today instead of rehashing the past or trying to predict the future.

I build my confidence. I review my accomplishments and skills. I remind myself that I can handle hardships and deal with challenges. I think positive and focus on solutions. I give myself a pep talk when I need to raise my spirits.

I make plans without letting my preparations hold me back. I would rather bring my dreams to life than keep refining them. I stop procrastinating. I make a start right now instead of waiting for conditions to change.

I take things gradually. I break big projects down into smaller steps. Each small victory encourages me to aim higher.

I give myself credit for making an effort and taking risks. Even if I stumble, I can learn from the experience. I am strong enough to survive a little embarrassment and wise enough to learn from each attempt.

Today, I take responsibility for my happiness and success. I swing into action.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does taking action help me to overcome my fears?
  2. How do I define being a doer?
  3. What is one thing that I have learned that I could implement today?