I am stronger than any challenge I face.

The challenges I face each day are of little concern to me. I have overcome many challenges in the past. My past record of success makes me very self-confident that any obstacle in my path can be overcome.

I am impressed by the many strengths I possess. The most important of these is my ability to persevere regardless of the circumstances. I can last longer than any challenge can persist. My persistence ensures that I am victorious.

Challenges come and go. I accept that they are part of life.

I am free of concern when faced with a challenge. I make a reasonable plan for a solution to the issue and then execute it with enthusiasm. Any challenge can be defeated this way.

Each challenge I conquer makes me even stronger.

Challenges are becoming easier to overcome each day. My ability to focus my intention and my energy is also getting stronger day by day.

I am stronger than any challenge I face. I prove this fact to myself on a daily basis. I am successful in any task that matters to me.

Today, I am facing my latest challenges with enthusiasm and determination. I know that these two qualities are the most important ingredients to overcoming obstacles in my life. I am stronger than the obstacles in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my greatest strength when dealing with challenges?
  2. What is my greatest weakness when dealing with challenges?
  3. How can I mitigate or eliminate that weakness?