When I pursue my dreams, the world conspires to help me achieve it.

In order to actually pursue the life of my dreams, I need to be proactive. Taking action is the key! When I take action to move toward my goals and actively seek solutions to challenges, I find that success is invariably mine.

A dream is still just a dream – and it will remain that way – until I set things in motion with some action. For this reason, when I have a dream that I would like to see come into fruition, I make an action plan to guide me to success.

I turn my dreams into concrete goals that I can achieve. I then divide these goals into attainable tasks that will, when completed, let me arrive at the destination I desire.

Next, I arrange my to-do list so there are some quick, easy tasks at the beginning. This allows me to dive right in – taking action toward my goals and building momentum to carry me through the harder tasks.

When a challenge arises, as I know it will, instead of sitting around bemoaning my bad luck, I take it in stride and immediately seek a solution. Then I take action to overcome it and get back on track toward my goal.

That’s the way the world is: it rewards those who take action. As long as I am actively involved in moving toward my goal, I know that, eventually, I will get there!

Today, I choose to take decisive action toward my goals, making an action plan and putting it into motion by jumping right in!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I made my action plan with steps that will guide me toward my goals?
  2. What tasks can I complete today to get me moving in the right direction?
  3. Am I facing a challenge that I can overcome with some decisive action?