The Fretful Frog Fable


A story about a worried frog, a wise mom, and following your instincts.


A harsh winter was coming soon to the pond where Francis the young frog lolled about and played in the sun. How could he survive the icy weather?



Francis the frog was enjoying his first summer since growing from a tadpole into a frog. The sun was out, and he spent his days playing with the other frogs.


But from time to time, Francis worried about how he would survive the upcoming winter.


“Mom” he said, “I’m afraid that I’ll freeze when it gets too cold!”


“Oh, don’t worry, Francis” replied his mom. “I’ve been through so many winters and I’m here to tell the story!” She continued, “Just trust your natural instincts and have faith that you’ll be fine.”


Francis felt that his mother was always right, so he decided to have faith that everything would be fine. When winter came around, he remembered his mother’s words.


“‘Trust your natural instincts’ is the best advice I’ve ever gotten” he thought to himself.


He looked up at the bare rocks exposed to the cold air. He then looked down at the earth below and considered how sheltered he would be if he was under it. At that point, he dug a burrow deep enough to fit into. To his amazement, he felt so much warmer the minute he climbed in.


He smiled to himself when he thought of his mother’s words.


As spring rolled around, he climbed out of the burrow and hopped over to his mom.


“Mom, you were right!” he exclaimed. “I trusted my instincts and had faith that I would be okay during the winter months. And here I am!”


From that point onwards, he exercised faith whenever he had doubts about a situation.


Moral of the story: Instead of worrying, trust your instincts and things will work out for the best.


The Fretful Frog Self-Reflection


Although Francis spent much of his time basking in the enjoyment of the present moment, he often thought about the future. His thoughts about a challenging time to come caused him to worry about his ability to cope.


But with a simple mind shift thanks to his mother’s advice, he stopped focusing on what’s to come. Instead, he continued to enjoy the moment and had faith that things would work out.


Francis’ situation is no different from what you probably face on a regular basis. As hard as you try, it sometimes feels impossible to avoid worry and doubt. But training yourself to trust your instincts enables you to let go of those doubts.


Having sincere faith automatically eliminates worry and allows you to live a stress-free life. When you exercise control over your state of mind, you develop the power needed to succeed.


You’re a fully capable human being. The minute you start to believe that, you’ll start to develop the confidence to live freely without worry.


Start training yourself to trust your instincts. Each day, follow your instincts about something. It could be as simple as deciding where to go out for dinner. As you progress, you’ll realize how much more you enjoy the present moment, knowing that tomorrow’s challenges are best served tomorrow.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. In what ways can I use my instinct to help solve my challenges?
  2. How much time do I put into finding solutions for issues that arise?
  3. Which other virtues develop naturally when I allow myself to have faith?